Marry in Malta

Marry in Malta ?

Thousands of UK would-be brides will be busily planning their nuptials. How many of them will have thought of Malta – the gateway to the Mediterranean?

Planning a wedding overseas can sound great until language intervenes! 

Nothing can be guaranteed to add even more stress to an already potentially hazard ridden occasion, than the difficulty of coping with those slight, but vital nuances that may get missed when two people with different native languages think that they are communicating !! This is especially true when dealing with local bureaucrats in some countries.

No such problems in Malta, where English is a joint first language.

A Malta wedding probably costs less that one in the UK or in most other Mediterranean destinations. For one thing, there is an absolute lack of red tape – all you need to complete at home is simple paperwork giving proof that you are single. The ceremony itself and the associated documentation can all be in English.

Wedding transport on Malta varies from luxury limousines to the Karrozzin – the traditional flower-decorated, Maltese horse-drawn carriage. Or you can opt to go by sea leaving your waterfront reception by Maltese ‘luzzu’ fishing boat.

From the golden sandy beaches of Mellieha Bay to the sheer Dingli Cliffs. From the prehistoric temples of Ggantija and medieval life of Mdina to the throbbing night-life of Paceville, Malta has something unforgettable to offer the new bride and groom.

You can organise the wedding yourself or employ one of the professional wedding companies that abound on the island. For a complete list, you can visit…